(Chapter 5) Real Life Application of Binomial Theorem

As we learned in Chapter 5.4, Binomial theorem is an useful method to expand the power (a+b)^n into the sum involving terms of the form nCr*a^n-r*b^r. However, we are not quite learned about what are some real life contributions that used Binomial theorem as the main tool. In fact, there are a lot of fields where the application of binomial theorem can be applied in.

For instance, there are a lot of areas where the application of binomial theorem is inevitable, even in the modern world areas such as computing. In computing areas, binomial theorem has been very useful such a in distribution of IP addresses. With binomial theorem, the automatic distribution of IP addresses is not only possible but also the distribution of virtual IP addresses.

Another field that used Binomial Theorem as the important tools is the nation’s economic prediction. Economists used binomial theorem to count probabilities that depend on numerous and very distributed variables to predict the way the economy will behave in the next few years. To be able to come up with realistic predictions, binomial theorem is used in this field.

Binomial Theorem has also been a great use in the architecture industry in design of infrastructure. It allows engineers, to calculate the magnitudes of the projects and thus delivering accurate estimates of not only the costs but also time required to construct them. For contractors, it is a very important tool to help ensuring the costing projects is competent enough to deliver profits.


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